Integrated Financing Strategies
A coordinated approach to development finance

Unofficial repository of documents created by the Global Mechanism of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD)

The concept of Integrated Financing Strategies (IFS) was developed by the Global Mechanism (GM) of the UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) in 2005 – 2006 as a response to the international call for better coordination between governmental institutions in developing countries, civil society, the private sector as well as the bilateral and multilateral development partners as a means to increase financial resources at the country level.  

The goals of the UNCCD are geared at sustainable land management and land rehabilitation and, therefore, are positioned at the interface between rural development, sustainable livelihoods, food security and economic growth. These goals thus call for cross-sectoral coordination and mutual agenda setting by all relevant actors and institutions

In keeping with the principles of the OECD Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness (2005), the IFS concept was designed as a process-oriented approach to guide resource mobilization efforts within the context of national development planning and programming.

New and additional financing instruments and sources of finance are now available for adapting to climate change and mitigating emissions, as documented in the nationally determined contributions (NDCs) of the UNFCCC Paris Agreement. Climate resilience through sustainable land management is a major driving force for enhanced investments in UNCCD priorities. In order to meet the NDCs, it is paramount to establish sustainable land management in agriculture and forestry as development priorities in fighting climate change. The IFS, with all its facets, responds directly to that challenge in development agenda setting. As blended finance needs to be complemented by a related bundle of progressive policies, the IFS concept also provides interesting guidance in this regard.

This webpage seeks to share useful references for those involved and interested in advancing innovative financing approaches in support of development priorities that need a coordinated agenda setting, institutional collaboration and blended finance for effective national programming and budgeting. Are notably included: an overview of the IFS concept; a practical guide to designing IFS; a results-based impact assessment methodology; and examples of country-specific IFS.

Further to making the IFS material once again available to the international development community, this page is also a testimony of the successful partnership between the Global Mechanism of the UNCCD and Unisféra in developing progressive instruments on the quest for sustainability.

Marc Paquin, CEO, UNISFERA

Christian Mersmann, Former Managing Director, Global Mechanism


Integrated Financing Strategies for Sustainable Land Management
Country Engagement Modalities of the Global Mechanism of the UNCCD
Practical Guide to Designing Integrated Financing Strategies for Sustainable Land Management
The Global Mechanism: Engaging at the Country Level
Results and Impact Assessment Methodology of the Global Mechanism
UNISFERA – Integrated Financing Strategy for Sustainable Land Management – Results and Impact Assessment – Synthesis Report
UNDP-GEF – Developing Integrated Financing Strategies for Sustainable Land Management / PNUD-FEM – Élaboration de stratégies de financement intégrées pour la gestion durable des sols


UNCCD Implementation

Innovative Approaches to UNCCD Implementation:
The Global Mechanism of the UNCCD: The Way Ahead
GMultipack of products and services for the Latin America and the Caribbean region / El GMultipack de productos y servicios para la región de América Latina y el Caribe
Desertification, Migration and Local Development / Désertification, migration et développement local
Why SolArid? / Pourquoi SolArid?



Economics and Financing Instruments
Economics & Financing Instruments Programme
The Global Mechanism: New Perspectives on Land Finance
The Global Mechanism: Specialized in Upscaling Finance for Sustainable Land Management
Investir dans la Gestion durable des terres en Afrique centrale: Le fardeau de la dégradation des terres
The Finance Action Box: Understanding Sustainable Land Management Policy and Financing in Africa
Funding Opportunities in the Field of SLM for the Annex V Countries of the UNCCD
Making Change : The Central Asian Financing Partnership



The Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Information Kit
Cashing in on the links between Climate Change and Land Degradation
Confronting Climate Change and Land Degradation in Viet Nam



Knowledge exchange programme on Aid for Trade finance for sustainable land management: A Manual for Least Developed Countries
Incentive and Market-Based Mechanisms to Promote Sustainable Land Management / Mécanismes fondés sur les incitations et le marché pour la promotion de la gestion durable des terres
Promoting Sustainable Land Management through Trade
Towards a Common Agenda on Aid for Trade and Agriculture: The Experience of Uganda
Vers un agenda commun de l’Agriculture et de l’Aide pour le commerce pour la Gestion Durable des Terres (GDT) : L’expérience du Mali
ICTSD – Trade and Sustainable Land Management in Drylands


Asia and Pacific Programme
Central Africa / Afrique centrale
Civil Society Programme
Compensation for Ecosystems Services Programme
East & Southern Africa Programme
FIELD – The Financial Information Engine on Land Degradation
Gender Programme / Programme sur la question du genre
Infrastructure Investments in Drylands
Latin America & the Caribbean Programme
Market Access & Trade Programme
Meso-American Subregion
New Focus on Rural Development: Where does the UNCCD Figure?
North Africa Programme / Programme pour l’Afrique du Nord
Observatory on SLM Investments
Policy Analysis Programme
The Global Mechanism and Aid for Trade / L’engagement du Mécanisme mondial dans l’Aide pour le commerce
The Global Mechanism’s Market Access and Trade Programme / Programme du commerce et de l’accès au marché du Mécanisme mondial
West and Central Africa Programme / Afrique de l’Ouest et du Centre


Integrated Financing Strategies, Component 0 – The International Context for Development Financing
Integrated Financing Strategies, Component 3a – Internal Sources of Funding
Integrated Financing Strategies, Component 3b – Internal Sources of Funding – Lebanon
Integrated Financing Strategies, Component 4 – External Sources of Funding
Integrated Financing Strategies, Component 5a – Introduction to Innovative Sources of Funding
Integrated Financing Strategies, Component 5b – Innovative Sources of Funding – Cases & Mechanisms
Mobilizing Finance for Sustainable Land Management, Part 1, Mobilizing Finance for SLM
Mobilizing Finance for Sustainable Land Management, Part 2, Integrated Financing Strategies
Mobilizing Finance for Sustainable Land Management, Part 3, Public Investment in SLM
Mobilizing Finance for Sustainable Land Management, Part 4, Innovative Financing for SLM
Mobilizing Finance for Sustainable Land Management, Part 5, Climate Change Financing
Mobilizing Finance for Sustainable Land Management, Part 6, Take Aways